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We're offering programs in three of the most sought-after and high-growth industries.

And we promise to keep adding more.

Try your potential career today!

SkillSim experienceships are more than just a peek into various industries.Our tailored programs are designed to equip you with both the insight and the practical skills needed to excel in a career. Our programs put you on the front seat and empower career decision making through deep industry insights, trends and futures.

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Experienceships in fields like

All our programs are based on curriculum from the top universities in the world, relevant industry practices and requirements of today's workplaces

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Marketing & Advertising

15,16 June | 9AM to 5PM | Mumbai

Uncover your passion for marketing and advertising with engaging, practical experiences that guide your career path.


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1,2 June| 9AM to 5PM | Mumbai

Navigate and demystify finance careers through hands-on learning, exploring the many facets of the financial world.


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8,9 June | 9AM to 5PM | Mumbai

Ignite your entrepreneurial spark with SkillSim's weekend immersion, building ideas into groundbreaking ventures.


Our Transformational Experienceships

are based on 2-day weekend in-person immersions, which provide 

Real World Experience

Real-World Simulations

First-hand experience simulations, crafted by industry professionals based on industry-relevant practices.

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Networking & Personal Branding

Learn about crafting your own purposeful personal brand and developing a dynamic, diverse network of individuals that grow and develop with you.

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Un-Biased Guidance

Un-biased guidance by experts on college admissions and entrance aligning your career aspirations with the right educational pathways

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Learning From Experts

All our immersions are designed and delivered by industry professionals who are working at top firms.

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Career Insights

A full career perspective by managing real tasks and understanding profession specifics


Tailored Catering

Inclusive meals and snacks catering to every dietary need, freeing parents from worry and keeping students energized and focused.

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Weekend Immersion Programs

Our in-person 2-day weekend experienceships are designed to fit seamlessly into students’ schedule while providing maximum industry exposure.

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Portfolio Additions

Impressive, valuable work samples and achievements that enhance your college and job prospects.

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Career Choice Validation

Optional psychometric tests offering a scientific foundation in making an informed and confident career decision.

How our career experienceships help

Career Clarity

Helps students identify their true interests and strengths by providing real-world simulations in various industries.

Practical Skills

Equips students with hands-on experience and practical skills relevant to their chosen career path.

Professional Networks

Offers opportunities to connect with industry experts and peers, building a valuable professional network early on.

Informed Decisions

Empowers students to make informed career choices, reducing the uncertainty and anxiety around future paths.

Who are experienceships for?
Girl in Classroom


Teenagers who are curious to know about or try their hands on specific careers and understand whether or not they're right for them.

Students at School

School Students

School going students who are in classes 8,9,10 and are about to choose their optional subjects  or are just curious about exploring different career paths.



Students who are in their first or second year degree courses and are enrolled in BCom, BBA, BMS, BSc, BA, BMM or Engineering or degrees in any other discipline.


High-School Students

Class 11,12 students who are deciding their undergraduate degrees and are curious about exploring different career paths.

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