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Who We Are

Our team is made up of young professionals who are passionate about guiding students to rewarding careers and who faced similar problems when choosing their career. Our industry professionals have experience across various domains, allowing us to design and deliver realistic and highly interactive internship-like career simulations tailored to teenagers.

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Yash Bright
Founder, SkillSim

The Spark

"Having personally faced issues when deciding my career path and having seen my peers and other students face issues with deciding what field they want to get into, I realized that there is a gap between career guidance and practical application.

Be it getting into marketing, finance, law, medicine, engineering, etc., it is hard for students to decide solely based on their limited knowledge through academics, theories, information from the internet, friends, family and relatives.

SkillSim wants to change this dynamic in India by providing hands-on internship-like experiences to students and help them make informed choices in selecting the right career path for them".

What We Do

SkillSim offers immersive in-person career experienceships for teenagers. During our transformational 2-day weekend programs, students get to step into real workplace scenarios in careers and industries they're curious about.


Industry professionals design and deliver each of our programs to help students explore professions deeply. Whether you aspire to be an entrepreneur, doctor, lawyer or engineer, SkillSim programs offer a sneak peek into many exciting careers. 

What are Career Experienceships?

SkillSim's Career Experienceships mimic real-world practices, situations and tasks to provide students with a clear and full picture of what a day or two, in a particular industry looks like.

Our career experienceships are crafted to reflect the workload and fast-paced nature of a full-day in the life of someone in that career.

Additionally, on our programs- students take on challenges in realistic workplace settings, receive insider tips, mentorship and feedback from experienced professionals, build connections through networking, learn about the art of networking and building your own personal brand, undertake a soft-skills development workshop, receive real, transparent career counseling and gain portfolio pieces to highlight on college and job applications.

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Why Us?

We empower students to problem solve real on-the-job scenarios so that they get a realistic view of the industry

and discover their passions before selecting careers, college degrees, majors or first jobs. Additionally, we go beyond just an industry and develop all our programs for students' holistic development.

Tailored for You

Tailored for You

SkillSim offers an exclusive access to career experiences meticulously crafted for students aged 15-20.  Industry professionals design & deliver immersive programs based on real workplace practices, providing a unique opportunity for personalized exploration.

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Real-World Readiness

Gain an unparalleled advantage with SkillSim's real-world career experiences. Our programs provide you with real & honest tips, tools and industry insights so you can confidently excel in your chosen field, preparing you for a future-proof career.

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Empowering Futures

At SkillSim, students gain invaluable insights into their passions before making critical decisions about careers. Our industry experts and career counselors guide students on the trends, changes, most in-demand and future-proof jobs in that industry.

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Beyond the industry

Every SkillSim experience includes soft skills development, industry connections, and personal branding tools and workshops. 

We want to set you up for success not only in your chosen field, but in your entire professional journey.

What's next?

Our passion for exploration never stops! We're always expanding our program roster with exciting new options in diverse fields, ensuring there's a perfect SkillSim experience waiting for every curious mind.

What We Do

Upcoming experiences

We're working closely with industry professionals, professors, companies and educational institutions to bring immersive experiences in fields like Engineering, Medicine, Law and Fashion.

We're further collaborating with educational institutions to organize panel discussions, career workshops with parents.

What We Do

Beyond the career

Our team is united by a passion for empowering students' limitless potential. At SkillSim, we think career possibilities also require a good hold on soft skills.


Driven by our purpose, we are working on curating highly interactive, one-off workshops on developing "soft skills for tomorrow's workplace". 

Our Customer Testimonials

 Our Customer Testimonials

Prerit Luhadia

Class 12th

I really enjoyed SkillSim's Career Essentials Program which covered all necessary soft skills that are needed in the workplace.

SkillSim has carefully crafted the workshop and it made me learn a lot of new things and skills. It was fun and amazing

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