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Indian's teenagers in different professions


SkillSim, India's launchpad for careers 

SkillSim offers immersive in-person career experienceships for students aged 15-20. During our transformational 2-day weekend programs, students get to step into real workplace scenarios in careers and industries they're curious about.

What if you could try out your future career today?

Imagine stepping into the shoes of a Marketer for a day or two-

Crafting interesting marketing campaigns for top brands or working on designing their branding and marketing strategies.

Or picture yourself as a startup founder -

brainstorming groundbreaking business ideas and pitching investors on your innovative company.

With SkillSim, you can immerse yourself in your dream career through real-world simulations designed and delivered by industry experts. Whether you aspire to be a marketer, entrepreneur, doctor or finance professional- SkillSim offers a sneak peek into many exciting fields with hands-on, internship-like experiences, insider tips, and mentorship from industry professionals.

Our transformational weekend experienceships offer-

Hands-on industry experience 

Take on challenges in a realistic workplace setting to problem solve like a pro. Our real-world immersions give you hands-on experience of real on-the-job scenarios.

Exclusive Mentoring

Receive personal mentoring and career guidance from industry professionals at the top of their game. Learn trade secrets that give you a leg up. Learn trade secrets that give.

Impressive portfolio add-ons 

Come away with an amazing, updated, and highly relevant portfolio, featuring outstanding work samples & achievements to highlight on your college and job applications.

Personal Branding & Networking

Get tips on building connections and a personal brand that open doors through networking and use of social media platforms. Make friends with peers chasing similar dreams.

Our Transformational Experiences

During our transformational 2-day weekend experiences

Real World Experience

Real World Experience

Students step into the shoes of professionals with our interactive simulations across diverse fields and gain a true taste of professional life

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Networking & Personal Branding

Learn the art of personal branding and build a network that supports and grows with you. 

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Un-Biased Guidance

Navigate college admissions and entrance tests with unbiased, expert advice, aligning your career aspirations with the right educational pathways.

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Learning From The Best

All our immersions are designed and delivered by industry professionals who are working at top firms around the world. top firms around the firms.

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Comprehensive Career Insights

From handling real-world tasks to understanding the nitty-gritty of different professions, get a comprehensive overview of your dream career

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Career Choice Validation

Add-on psychometric tests to offer a scientific foundation for both students and parents in making an informed and confident career decision. your college

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Weekend Immersions

Our intensive and in-person 2-day weekend experiences are designed to fit seamlessly into students’ busy academic schedule while providing maximum learning and exposure.

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Tangible Portfolio Additions

Leave with impressive work samples and achievements that enhance your college and job applications your college and job


Tailored Catering

Our programs include food and beverages that cater to diverse dietary needs, eliminating parents’ worry of packing lunches and ensuring students stay focused and energized.

Offering Experiences in domains like

We’re offering weekend experiences in 3 of the most in-demand industries, and we’ll keep adding more.



Marketing & Advertising

Experienceships in domains like

We’re offering weekend experienceships in 3 of the most in-demand industries, and we’ll keep adding more.

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